WeatherDome™ Cap

WeatherDome™ Cap

EverLoc® offers a distinctive look with its WeatherDome™ Caps. Rounded tops and smooth textures give these caps functionality and great aesthetics. Arched tops allow water to run off while creating comfortable seating surfaces for sitting walls. Smooth textures accentuate the rounded edges of EverLoc® wall units, providing the cleanest look available today.

There are three sizes available: A 23-inch WeatherDome™ for capping Columns, a 16-inch WeatherDome™ for capping Express Walls and a 12-inch WeatherDome™ for capping Retaining Walls and Fire Rings. Considered by many as a “signature piece” for EverLoc®, the WeatherDome™ is sure to make your project truly unique.

WeatherDome™ Cap Components

WeatherDome™ Column Cap

WeatherDome™ Fence Cap

WeatherDome™ Wall Cap