810 Full

450 Full

810 Full Express & 450 Full Express

810 Full Express & 450 Full Express

EverLoc’s® Express retaining wall systems are great for many applications, including sitting walls, courtyards, privacy fences, patios, etc. One popular application is a parapet atop a retaining wall. Parapets can be designed and installed with the retaining wall, eliminating unsightly guardrails or handrails.

The Express system accommodates multiple heights, ensuring your barrier provides the protection you need around parking lots and other areas. The same versatile patterns found in EverLoc® retaining walls are available for the Express systems. A complete line of accessories allows the Express series to be used as a retaining wall.  The Express series highlights weight-saving advantages at less than fifty-five pounds per square foot.  Key benefits of this series include faster installation and freight savings with the ability to receive nine hundred sixty square feet per truckload!

Always consult a Civil Engineer before designing or installing parapets intended for protective barriers! For retaining walls requiring engineered drawings, parapets must be included in the initial design for proper load requirements.

810 Full Express Series Components

810 Full Express

850 Half

Corner (L/R) with 833 Utility

WeatherDome™ Fence Cap

WeatherDome™ Column Cap