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450 Traditional

The 450 Traditional is not just a lightweight system; it’s a versatile solution. It adapts to your needs and is perfect for smaller projects such as garden walls or borders containing radii. The 450 Traditional Series features EverLoc’s dress joint, providing character with the appearance of multiple stacked pieces.

At 12-inches deep, the 450 Traditional also delivers enough stability for larger retaining walls, giving you the power to tackle any project. Because of its weight and full line of accessories, the 450 Traditional Series is one of the most user-friendly systems within the EverLoc family, empowering you to create your dream landscape.

As with any EverLoc series, all accessories and face styles can be incorporated to create other patterns and appearances, from our Traditional/Full mixture up to our Gettysburg pattern.

450 Traditional Series Components

450 Traditional

HHCorner (L/R) w/417 Utility


425 Half

Weather™ Wall Cap