810 Traditional/Full

450 Traditional/Full

450 Traditional/Full

The 450 Traditional is a lightweight yet versatile system perfect for smaller projects such as garden walls or borders and walls containing radii. The 450 Traditional Series features EverLoc’s dress joint, providing character with the appearance of multiple stacked pieces. At twelve inches deep, the 450 Traditional also delivers enough stability for larger retaining walls. Because of its weight and full line of accessories, the 450 Traditional Series is one of the most user-friendly systems within the entire EverLoc family. As with the full height (8” tall) series, 450 Traditional units can be combined with 450 Full units to create a random three-piece appearance.

Any EverLoc face style, including the Traditional/Full Mixture, is available in the Express (nine-inch deep) units in eight- and four-inch heights.  Express units are great for double-sided walls and retaining walls with limited space.  Check out the 810 Traditional Express page for more information.

450 Traditional Series Components

450 Traditional

HHCorner (L/R) w/417 Utility


425 Half

Weather™ Wall Cap