About Us

EverLoc® started with the idea to create a retaining wall that was versatile, lightweight and user-friendly.

Inventor Billy Wauhop, an expert in solving complex concrete/masonry manufacturing and design problems, incorporated all these attributes into the EverLoc® system because he knew, if installers favored a system, they would demand to use it. Billy recognized that a system with interlocking corners, very little sawing, radii without cutting and multiple face options would eliminate most of the issues installers encounter daily.  He also knew a lightweight unit would increase productivity, use less concrete mix and allow favorable freight costs to reach larger audiences.

Dillon believed in the product and purchased it, producing its first EverLoc® block in 2007. With the help of some key customers, Dillon grew this little-known system into a nationally recognized brand. Since 2007, EverLoc has been used extensively in residential and commercial projects throughout the country.

Dillon is a 150-year-old company that quarries limestone and other minerals. They produce a range of products, including EverLoc®, known for its high quality and customization. The company is dedicated to providing its diverse customer base across the nation and Canada with mineral products that meet or exceed their specifications.